MWM Software

MOGLabs is continually striving to improve the software and firmware of our products, to help our customers get the most of what our products can provide. Check back for updates or join our mailing list to receive notifications of important changes.

For help with controlling your device to a computer, check our detailed drivers and connection guide

Latest firmware

Firmware updates should be installed on the device using the web interface by booting in "firmware update mode". Detailed instructions are available in Appendix G of the manual.

Release notes:

  • Firmware v0.6.13 (26 May 2024)
    • Bug fix, on-screen menus, particularly System Voltages
  • Firmware v0.6.11 (3 Apr 2021)
    • Added intensity bar on LCD
    • Warning when saturated
  • Firmware v0.6.10 (15 Oct 2020)
    • Bug fix, check for valid units
  • Firmware v0.6.9 (13 Jul 2020)
    • Minor bug fix
  • Firmware v0.6.8 (9 Feb 2020)
    • Support for reset calibration to factory values; minor bug fixes
  • Firmware v0.6.6 (2 Sept 2019)
    • Standalone operation (no host PC)
    • Up to 1250 measurements per second
    • Measured value agrees with mogwave value
    • PID operational
    • Improved on-device menus
    • Built-in web server
    • Real-time display of measurement on computer or smartphone
    • Configuration e.g. of PID

GUI application, mogwave

mogwave application

A fully featured graphical-user interface for controlling and communicating with MWM devices over USB or ethernet.

Release notes:

  • mogwave v1.5.5
    • Bug fixes
  • mogwave v1.5.3
    • Bug fixes
  • mogwave v1.5.2
    • Fixed bug relating to compatibility with old firmware
  • mogwave v1.5.1
    • Fixed bug on opening USB connection from device discoverer
    • Remember parameters between sessions: windows size and location, interval, exposure time, etc.
  • mogwave v1.4.15
    • Spectrum now plotted in selected units
  • mogwave v1.4.13
    • Show peak width as FWHM or rms
  • mogwave v1.4.12
    • Calibration: add ability to use MOGLabs FZW600 for calibration
    • Calibration: reset to factory (requires firmware v0.6.8)
    • Measure: background of temperature in status bar indicates within 1° of calibration temp (green) or 2° (amber)
  • mogwave v1.4.10
    • PID operational, with configuration interface for mogwave-driven and standalone-driven PID
    • Can use on-device measurement for faster readings
    • Acquire image of LCD display and save to file, for debugging