FZW Software

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Firmware updates can be installed using the mogfzw app (see below), described in Appendix B of the manual. Release notes describing changes are detailed in the CHANGES.TXT document within each ZIP file.

GUI application, mogfzw

mogfzw application

A fully featured graphical-user interface for controlling and communicating with FZW devices over USB or ethernet.

The mogfzw app provides a firmware update tool. It is recommended that mogfzw is updated before installing an update to the firmware.

GUI application, mogfsw

An application for optimising the FSW (fibre switch) ports for different wavelengths. Use this if you need lower insertion loss for a wavelength that is far from the nominal optical band wavelengths of 400, 600 or 1000nm. The Help menu provides minimal instructions but please contact MOGLabs for further guidance.

  • mogfsw v1.0.1, released 11 November 2021 (14MB); requires firmware v0.8.13 or later.