Application Notes

We provide application notes covering several common uses for our products, in greater detail than exists in the product manual. These application notes are intended to aid in the implementation of experimental techniques and improve outcomes for our customers.

If you use any of these application notes, please send us any feedback so that we can continue to develop them!

AN001: PID intensity-stabilisation with the ARF

The MOGLabs Agile RF Synthesiser (ARF) includes a PID controller can be used to stabilise the intensity of a laser, compensating for AOM response, removing thermal fluctuations and suppressing noise up to 100 kHz. This application note describes the required analog signal processing, the B3120 optional module, configuration of the ARF, and tuning of the control loop.

Download AN001 Application Note

Rev1 and Rev2 versions, for older B3120/B3121 signal processing boards:

Download Rev1 AN001 Application Note

Download Rev2 AN001 Application Note

AN002: Pound-Drever-Hall locking with the FSC

The MOGLabs Fast Servo Controller (FSC) is designed for easy implementation of the Pound-Drever-Hall (PDH) technique for stabilising a laser frequency with a high-finesse cavity. This application note describes how to set-up and operate a PDH apparatus, with specific instructions for the FSC.

Download AN002 Application Note