Differential Photodetector (PDD)

The photodetector supplied with the MOGLabs DLC is also available separately. In standard configuration, it provides a balanced differential Si-PIN photodiode pair, with 720kHz bandwidth (–3dB) and very low noise.

The default photodetector has filtered photodiodes, with transmission from 750 to 1100nm, and a narrow viewing angle (±10°). These are inherently insensitive to laboratory lighting and sunlight, and the narrow viewing angle further reduces background noise.

For lasers operating in the visible range, photodiodes with sensitivity down to 400nm can be supplied at no charge. Wider viewing angles of ±20° or ±75° can also be supplied at no charge.

Contact us if you are working with Yb+ and would like our newly sourced 350–1120nm diodes, which are up to 8x more sensitive at 369.5nm.