Economical Wavemeter (MWM)

Picometre, picowatt, picoprice!

A compact laser wavelength measurement device, with on-unit display, and ethernet/USB connectivity standard. Our device clearly reveals multimode laser operation(1), making it particularly suitable for use with external cavity diode lasers and atom cooling and trapping experiments. At prices so low (US$3490 including shipping) you can afford to put a wavemeter on every laser in your lab, so you know if your laser is unlocked or multimoding. Now in its sixth generation.

Sample MWM spectrum

Sample of spectrum for an external cavity diode laser operating in multiple longitudinal modes of the semiconductor diode cavity. Inset detail shows clear separation of the two diode modes


(1) Please read FAQ regarding accuracy. Resolution and ability to resolve diode multi-mode oscillation depend on wavelength and diode.
(2) Wavemeter range is 22nm at 780nm. Units are supplied calibrated at user-defined wavelength (e.g. 775nm to 797nm), and can then be adjusted to other wavelengths in the range 350nm - 1100nm with user-calibration.
(3) FC/PC single mode fibre input; FC/APC to FC/PC fibre is included. The wavemeter sensitivity is such that fibre input lens and kinematic mounts are not needed - just hold the fibre end in the laser beam. Max input power 30nW at 780nm.
(4) Measurement rate up to 1250 per second (on device), up to 250 per second if using mogwave computer app.
​(5) 12-bit DAC output, 0.5mV resolution.