Tunable Cateye Lasers (CEL)

The MOGLabs cateye diode laser offers a new twist in external cavity diode lasers. A cateye reflector and ultranarrow filter replace the alignment-sensitive diffraction grating of conventional Littrow and Littman-Metcalf designs.

Schematic of the cateye design

The CEL is robust, stable, and acoustically inert. You can literally hit it with a hammer and it will stay locked, and it is inherently self-aligning so you can tune tens of nanometres without having to realign. In combination with MOGLabs electronics, the linewidth can be well below 100 kHz. The CEL is available for most wavelengths between 450 to 530nm and 630 to 1620nm, at powers up to 250mW extra-cavity.

Extended chassis with internal isolator

MOGLabs CEX chassis allows for internal mounting of an isolator. Isolator options can be found here.

Enjoy the rock-solid stability normally expected only from DFB and DBR diodes – but with wide-range tunability, order-of-magnitude smaller linewidth, broader range of wavelengths, much lower sensitivity to optical feedback – and much lower diode cost.

New! Intra-cavity high bandwidth phase modulator

Traditionally, the frequency of an ECDL is controlled with a piezoelectric transducer and modulation of the diode current. Much higher bandwidth modulation is possible using an intracavity phase modulator, typically a lithium niobate crystal. At MOGLabs we have developed a unique combination of intracavity modulator and cateye reflector, with modulation bandwidth of 25 MHz. We have demonstrated linewidth reduction to below 1 Hz, published in APL Photonics. If you need high fidelity qubit manipulation or ultranarrow linewidth, please contact us for more information.