Comparison of RF Products

MOGLabs offers a variety of versatile RF sources for laboratory applications. With robust input/output protection, they are well suited to drive acousto-optic modulators for common optical experimental tasks such as laser frequency shifting, intensity stabilisation and pulse generation.

  • ARF/XRF: Flagship RF source with large frequency range, high-bandwidth modulation options, flexible I/O, and fast table mode under FPGA control. Intended for shaped-pulse generation, IQ-modulation, and automated experiment execution.
  • QRF: Computer-controlled RF source provides a subset of ARF features at low cost per channel. Intended for single tone generation, drift compensation, intensity stabilisation and simple table execution.
  • AAD: Simple analogue AOM driver with two integrated VCOs to provide a wide tuning range. Intended for single tone applications which can tolerate small frequency drifts, or as an amplifier with fast on/off switching. Available as an aggressively priced PCB for OEM applications.

The table below compares the primary features. Please consult individual product specifications for more details when deciding which product is right for you.

Number of channels 2 4 1 (AADPCB)
2 (AAD420)
Cost per channel (USD) $3.5k (XRF)
$3k (ARF)
<$1k (241)
<$750 (041
$660 (AADPCB)
$1.25k (AAD420)
Max output power +36 dBm (421)
+16 dBm (021)
+33 dBm (241)
+10 dBm (041)
+36 dBm
RF source DDS (AD9910) DDS (AD9959) Internal VCO, or external
Frequency range 20 - 400 MHz 10 - 200 MHz 70 - 210 MHz (internal)
70 - 350 MHz (external)
Internal reference 20 MHz TCXO 25 MHz TCXO None (free-running)
Computer control Ethernet, USB Ethernet, USB N/A
Frequency control 32-bit (0.23 Hz steps) 32-bit (0.12 Hz steps) 10-turn potentiometer
Amplitude control 12-bit 10-bit 1-turn potentiometer
Phase control 16-bit 14-bit N/A
TTL on/off time <40 ns <40 ns <40 ns
Primary modulation AM/FM/PM at 10 MHz AM/FM/PM at 100 kHz AM/FM at 500 kHz
Secondary modulation AM/FM/PM at 1 MHz N/A AM/FM at 500 kHz
Integrated PID Yes Yes No
Table mode step 16 ns (XRF), 1 us (ARF) 10 us N/A
Digital I/O 16 high-speed I/O lines N/A N/A