Analog AOM Driver (AAD)

Introducing the MOGLabs analog AOM driver (AAD), a simple new way to drive the many acousto-optic modulators (AOMs) required in most modern optics experiments.

Designed to be a simple replacement for the ubiquitous chain of discrete RF components found in most laboratories, the AAD provides up to +36dBm (4W) output to directly drive AOMs, and includes the ability to control the amplitude, perform frequency sweeps and generate short pulses using TTL.

The AAD is an all-in-one replacement for a tuneable oscillator (VCO), double-balanced mixer, RF switch, and output coupler, running from a single +24V supply.

Now available in two configurations: a fully-integrated standalone benchtop unit containing two channels (AAD420, shown above), or as a low-price circuit-board (AADPCB) that provides a single-channel.