Optical amplifier for external seed (MOA/MOAL)

The MOAL / MOAC are compact, robust and stable tapered amplifier systems, for wavelengths from 650 to 1080nm, at power up to 4W.

Three versions are available. The full-size MOA provides all the capabilities of the MSA, including provision for single or double-stage isolators on the input and output, and free-space or fibre-coupled input and output. The MOAL is a streamlined chassis for those not needing an isolator on the input. The MOAC is very compact for the do-it-yourself researcher, without provision for internal isolators.

All three versions feature the same wire-cut flexure mounts used in our MSA system, for both input and output coupling lenses, to provide outstanding passive stability and simple user-replacement of the TA diode if necessary. Using carefully designed optics, MOGLabs achieves very high coupling efficiency such that the seed input power can be just a few mW, depending on wavelegth and output power.

For MOA and MOAL, the output can be divided into two beams, one free-space and the other free-space or fibre-coupled.