Diode Laser Controller (DLC)

The MOGbox DLC202 laser diode controller is the world's first all-in-one controller for driving and frequency locking an external cavity diode laser. Every model includes:

  • Ultra-low noise diode current source, < 100pA/rtHz, DC to 1MHz
  • Temperature controller with Peltier TEC driver
  • Scan generator
  • Two high-voltage piezo drivers
  • Differential low-noise photodetector, 700kHz bandwidth
  • Demodulator (lock-in amp)
  • AC modulation source (250kHz, 50mA, e.g. for Zeeman dither coil)
  • Servo feedback loop filter circuits
  • Ergonomic controls, including 4.5 digit display, oscilloscope selectors
  • In-laser connection & protection board with high bandwidth modulationx
  • Full set of cables and 120 page detailed user-manual

All in one box, based on a single 10-layer PCB (plus the external photodetector and protection/connection circuit board for the laser head).

We have used design principles developed by audio (hifi) fanatics, combined with expertise from designing complex 24-layer circuit boards for the optical fibre communications industry. Test results are superior to anything else available commercially; for example, linewidths as low as 5kHz.

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See sub-5 kHz ECDL linewidth as demonstrated by a customer using a MOGLabs DLC controller!