Fizeau Wavemeter (FZW)

A compact wavelength measurement device based on Fizeau interferometers, providing reliably accurate measurements over a wide range of wavelengths (350-1120nm) without recalibration, and up to 1280nm on request. The measurement and calculation is performed on the device, with the result displayed on the screen, removing the need for a host computer. Turn it on, and know your wavelength in less than 2 seconds.

The small form factor makes it an easy-to-use analysis tool, and can be powered either through USB or from a DC plugpack or external battery. An analogue output can be used for wavelength monitoring or laser stabilisation via a built-in PID controller.

Ethernet and USB interfaces allow immediate integration into existing control systems (LabVIEW, MATLAB and python drivers provided) using simple text-based commands. A fully-featured software suite is provided, including long-term measurement and modehop-free scan-range measurement. A simple one-button recalibration procedure using an external reference source compensates for any long-term drift. External triggering and wide bandwidth mode allow use with pulsed lasers.

Compact two, four, and eight-channel fibre switchers are available, using MEMS technology for essentially infinite lifetime and rapid switching. Each channel has its own 16-bit DAC for laser frequency control.

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