About Us

A research lab beginning

MOG Laboratories Pty Ltd (MOGLabs) started as a spin-off from an experimental atom optics laboratory within the Melbourne Optics Group (hence MOG), at the University of Melbourne (Australia), in 2006. Now completely separate and independent, we still focus on developing scientific instrumentation from a researcher perspective, aimed at being a pleasure to use with performance to keep you competitive. We support our products, with a solid guarantee: we don't want unhappy customers.

The people

MOGLabs employs many scientists and engineers in Australia and the USA. We appreciate past contributions from graduate students, and ongoing collaborations with academic colleagues at The University of Sydney, Australian National University, Monash University, RMIT and The University of Adelaide.

We would also like to thank and recommend industrial designer Peter Cooper, principal of Konstrukt Design, and Jorge Campagno at Campagno Engineering.

Funding support

MOGLabs appreciates Linkage Project funding from the Australian Research Council.

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